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A mean day ends at Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean, Eastwood

I don’t know what it was with coffee shops last weekend, I have subconsciously toured different shops starting yesterday at Seattle’s and now, at CBTL

Had this coffee experience and sharing of life problems with Jerry Manilag at Eastwood after a very strong surge among my personal enclaves. Also, I am working on a proposal for the process review on the operations of two of my boss’ handled departments.  


Seattle’s Java men and java mai


Seattle’s Best, Mall of Asia

After the MOA eye experience, Mai and I decided to pay a visit to Sir Omar, our College Statistics professor for some chit chat and we were happy to have Keanu on the house, so without a wink, we troop the Mall of Asia for a quick Coffee fix.

We had JAVA cookie, JAVA coffee jelly and JAVA chip. more enjoyable than the Java drinks was the stories shared during the mini reunion.

I really had a hard laugh when Sir Omar shared a joke that was so funny in itself but after we made alterations of the ending, it became more hilarious, the more the ending change, the more funny it becomes.

I had a blast, hope this continues for the next years. Godspeed on your ISO carreer overseas Sir.


EYE ride. She scream. They watch. We enjoyed


MOA eye

I was supposed to have this experience with other peers but since the call for it at that very moment was very strong, I had a try.

We had fun especially when we became complacent that the structure was safe and it seemed nothing will go wrong, until we felt the sudden stop which made me excited for it will be another blog victory to post myself being trapped at a ferris’ wheel, unfortunately, the wheel started to turn again.

The view from the top.

All’s well that end’s well. Thank you Gemma Zubiaga, Carissa Peralta and Mailyn Santos for the wonderful evening. 


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